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TODAY’s Matt Lauer now has 25 million reasons to stay put with NBC


@Deggans Are they not aware that I would take the job for one-fifth of that? Spendthrifts!

— Philip Booth (@PBoothMusic) March 8, 2012

As talks of America’s #1 morning show co-anchor rumored last year that he would be leaving at the end of this year, a new report out this morning is now stating otherwise. Newsday, a local newspaper circulated throughout the New York tri-state area, says Matt Lauer has potentially reached a deal with NBC to stay in the anchor chair for another two, possibly three years. The big news? He will be paid $25 MILLION dollars – each year, and that’s an $8 MILLION dollar increase in what he is paid now to charm and report on the world for two hours a day.

Let’s think about this for a second. $25 million dollars a year can be broken down into several pieces. Lauer would be taking in $2 million dollars a month, which is more than most people make in their entire lifetime. To cut it down further, he would gross $64 thousand dollars – a DAY, still making more than the average American in one year. In case that wasn’t enough for you, Lauer would pocket $48 dollars every minute. Even broken down by the minute, he would be making more per minute than the average American makes per hour.

That’s a lotta’ chedda’, yo.

In the words of Wale, "he's makin A-Rod money!" RT @JimmyTraina: Matt Lauer to get $25M/year to stay at Today Show

— Patrick Bowe (@Bowe_Knows_Best) March 8, 2012!/katerlouise/status/177891614855925760

That OHIO BOBCAT money! RT @ALaForce: NBC's Matt Lauer will get $25 million to stay on Today Show.

— Justin (@MurphyFerguson) March 8, 2012

STAYING PUT: Matt Lauer will soon have 25 million reasons to like sunrises #wbz #WOW

— Steven Bognar (@Bogs4NY) March 8, 2012

he is the one percent of TV people

— Mike Noble (@mnoble5) March 8, 2012

Simon Cowell numbers* RT @Toure: A-Rod numbers. RT @JimmyTraina: Matt Lauer to get $25M/year

— Darrel Scott (@tworsonelnoys) March 8, 2012

NBC is reportedly going to pay Matt Lauer $25M to stay at Today…is that why they axed Sue Simmons? Gotta find that $ somewhere

— Steve Bottari (@stevebottari) March 8, 2012

@Deggans Imagine Matt Lauer with lush hair. That $25 million/yr would skyrocket into Mitt Romney territory.

— Regina White (@ReginaWhite) March 8, 2012

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