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‘Tolerant’ Left wishes Todd Akin raped, makes sexually violent comments about his wife


After watching what happened to Linda McMahon and Richard Mourdock, you KNOW the liberals had some extra special epithets coming for Todd Akin.

Some are even dragging his wife into it.

Todd Akin sighs, packs his belongings, kisses his wife goodbye and heads for the mountains to live with the other doomed rape philosophers.

— Nikki Walter (@TurboGrandma) November 7, 2012


— barack obama. (@ZOEfantastic_) November 7, 2012

And then of course there were the usual crowd of potty-mouthed cretins with no sense of human dignity.

#Todd #Akin, how does real legitimate rape feel like? You sordid cunt

— Raju Sunny (@2olegend) November 7, 2012

@berry2323lynn @ronhall46 Todd Akin lost! Now Akin and Murdock can fuck each other up there ass! Must be God will!!

— Mike Wassarman (@programing1) November 7, 2012

“@saracantweet: I give you consent to SUCK MY ASS, TODD AKIN!” FUCK THAT GUY

— Jess (@Roger_This) November 7, 2012

Clearly America is not in favor of rape… GOOD! Akin, Mourdock, don’t let the cock get stuck in your ass on the way out!

— Tim Buisman (@Tim_Buisman) November 7, 2012

AKIN CAN EAT A DICK!!! Then we’ll see what’s “legit rape”. Is it legit if I put my foot in your ass you raggedy old bastard?? LOLOLOL

— Annamarie (@tropicanna14) November 7, 2012

Really, people? REALLY?! We can understand you’re excited, but the sexually violent tweets and comments about his wife are way beyond the pale. There’s rock bottom, a few fossilized dinosaurs, crude oil, a few hundred feet of bedrock and then these people.

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