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Tom Arnold gives a boost to automated #StopRush campaign


As Rush Limbaugh revealed last week, the “grassroots” #StopRush movement was founded by a small number of hardcore political activists and is maintained by a core group of about 10 people who account for 70 percent of all #StopRush tweets to advertisers. Real live actor and comedian Tom Arnold gave the campaign a boost Monday by joining the #StopRush crew.

#StopRush Limbaugh justifies what he says by calling himself entertainer. I promise he would never entertain any of his fans in his mansion.

— Tom Arnold (@TomArnold) September 29, 2014

Followers were quick to pile on, although some forgot to add their hashtags.

@TomArnold Limbaugh is the biggest douchebag ever

— dave (@photodave2011) September 30, 2014

@TomArnold yeah. no shit.

— Alicia Michaels (@aliciamichaels9) September 30, 2014

@TomArnold Rush is a TOTAL ass head all he does is spew shit. The people that listen to & find his views tolerable are the same. #stopRush

— NotAnAmericanIdiot (@LIBERTYUSANOW) September 30, 2014

So, Rush needs to be stopped because he won’t open his house to fans? Is that it?

@TomArnold neither would 99% of the "entertainers" in hollywood -so what's your point?

— JK…. (@Sooner_JK) September 30, 2014









‘It’s not difficult to recognize astroturf’: Sharyl Attkisson helps expose 10-person #StopRush machine

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