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‘Too soon’? Shoppers horrified by ‘Easter creep’ [pics]


For the love of everything ever, it’s January.

Easter is in April this year and we haven’t even hit Valentine’s Day. But the retail calendar works a little differently these days. Behold the Easter candy displays:!/TrustFrank19/status/421404837268307968

Yes, we do.!/3lderdragon/status/286799962791108608!/Lin_Dolin/status/423123811828244480!/EGMerritt/status/423576927312830464!/kayakaari/status/421493019053809664

Some stores didn’t even wait until January.!/galaxia416/status/416470292870221824!/Montygog/status/415527212457398274

December? Come on.


Too soon? Fox News’ Janice Dean posts distressing photo

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