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‘Total BS’: John McCain heaps praise upon outgoing Mayor Nanny Bloomberg


Uh, is there another Mayor Bloomberg we don’t know about?!/SenJohnMcCain/status/418147864100241408

From where we’ve been sitting, Michael Bloomberg has done his best to transform New York City into the ultimate Nanny State.!/skoverall/status/418148229201420288!/maximusreign/status/418148990501134336!/Dsnicol2/status/418149553989111808!/danmck12/status/418148280011616256!/southwakecoach/status/418149071736803329

Ugh. Let us grab our barf buckets first.



OK, when you’re echoing David Axelrod, it’s time to re-evaluate some things:!/davidaxelrod/status/418113013132972032

Seriously, Sen. McCain?



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