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Twitter caught the fever: Real men respect Bieber


One of the great joys of Twitter is being able to wake up in the morning and never knowing what’s going to be trending. Take Friday morning for example – we woke up, logged onto Twitter and to our amazement one of the top trends was, “Real men respect Bieber.”

We’re not sure why it was trending. Heck, we’re not even sure we care. We just thought it was funny and we even came up with a cool rhyming headline. You have to respect that!

Real Men Respect Bieber. Because if your a real men. You won't hate on Justin for living his dream and helping other people who are in need.

— . (@thebieberoreo) March 16, 2012

I never got what was so funny about hating on a kid living his dream. So you dont like his music,ok but respect him. Real Men Respect Bieber

— *Jessica ♔ (@BiebersOnlyGirl) March 16, 2012!/hausofaustin/status/180667947415642112

You want death threats from 18 million+ girls? Okay, go ahead. Hate on Justin, but that'll get you nowhere in life. Real Men Respect Bieber.

— carter reynolds (@BeliebinMagcon) March 16, 2012

Real Men Respect Bieber. if you don't, then leave the Earth and never come back.

— Lisa Cyrus Bieber. † (@MileyBieberCA) March 16, 2012!/fabtasticbieber/status/180664419074834432

"Real Men Respect Bieber" is trending. That's right, a real man would NEVER disrespect or hurt a woman!

— Tobey | Lady Gaga (@tobeymonster) March 16, 2012

Real Men Respect Bieber because real men don't hate on someone who's talented, successful, and is living out his dream.

— (@TrulyForJustin) March 16, 2012

You don't have to like him but at least show him some respect. Real Men Respect Bieber.

— jdb (@BieberMail) March 16, 2012

Real Men Respect Bieber? hahahaha. I'm one big wuss then.. #TotallyWorthIt

— Shreyas (@TheNaique) March 16, 2012!/lovaticangel/status/180663883197976576

Real Men Respect Bieber because real men don't hate on the success of a boy with a dream. Those haters aren't real men, they're jealous men.

— Taylor Swift Team (@SwiftSyndrome) March 16, 2012!/fabtasticbieber/status/180666403190341633

Real Men Respect Bieber: & every other. If they can't even respect a kid, they can't respect a woman.

— Justin Bieber Fan (@bieberparade) March 16, 2012

If Real Men Respect Bieber, then I, Darth Vader, am not a real man.

— Darth Vader (@DepressedDarth) March 16, 2012

Even after reading all these tweets, we remain neutral on the topic. We love Justin Bieber, we’re just not sure we can respect someone who has an entire song with singing, “Baby, Baby, Baby, ohhhhhh!”

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