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Twitter users say NYC should call off the marathon


This Sunday, tens of thousands of runners will take to the streets of New York to compete in the New York City marathon. In spite of Hurricane Sandy, the event will proceed as planned, according to Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

Many Twitter users, however, say the event should be canceled or postponed. They argue that the resources used to support the marathoners (including police and water) could be better put to use helping those harmed by Hurricane Sandy.

37 confirmed deaths 19 in #statenisland but we are still having the NYC marathon fuck the #roadrunnersclub #bloombergsucks #hurrinecanesandy

— Megan Mc (@MeggyMac) November 2, 2012

The water that will be wasted by runners in the marathon has better uses in needy parts of NYC

— j. garry (@jimgar614) November 2, 2012

Calling all Runners, it is your duty to protest and Boycott the #NYC Marathon 12012

— Cash Logan (@Cash___Logan) November 2, 2012

Don’t you think we should be thinking about Telethons and not Marathons? Come on East Coast! Mayor Bloomberg cancel the NYC 2012 Marathon!

— JoAnn Chaffardet (@jchaff327) November 2, 2012

Watching crews erect tents and grandstands for NYC Marathon. Those tents and manpower are certainly needed elsewhere right now.

— Doug Davis (@DJD) November 2, 2012

@andersoncooper did you know they start the NYC marathon right where those boys were found? Isn’t that a disgrace?? @ac360

— Venetia(@VennyCee) November 2, 2012

SI & Rockaway without help Manhattan without power No gas, buses or trains 50 dead This is not a time of celebration No NYC Marathon! #Sandy

— Lily K (@LilyKLaLa) November 2, 2012

Really NYC? Having the marathon this weekend is a good idea? You should postpone.

— Leah Ingram (@suddenlyfrugal) November 2, 2012

A visual response to Mayor Bloomberg’s decision to continue the NYC marathon after Hurricane Sandy: (v @jmosloskie)

— Patrick deHahn (@patrickdehahn) November 2, 2012

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