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Union supporters heap shame upon Michigan lawmakers


As Twitchy reported, the Michigan House and Senate tonight passed right-to-work legislation that would preclude union membership from being a condition of employment in the state. The Senate was greeted with a chant of “Shame on you” from the gallery before adjourning for the week, but angry union supporters are keeping the chant going on social media.

Three of the scariest, most insidious, most Orwellian words in the English language: right to work. Shame, #Michigan

— bazu (@bazu) December 7, 2012

Michigan, my Michigan? Evidently NOT. Republicans bent its citizens over today and had THEIR way with the citizens of the State #SHAME

— stonecircle (@stone_circle) December 6, 2012

Solidarity to all brave brothers and sisters putting up the fight against Reich To Work in Michigan! Shame to the GOP Forever! #wiunion

— scottwalkerwatch (@scottwalkerwtch) December 7, 2012

Shame on Michigan’s suppression of our democratic rights #labor

— Bob Morgenstern (@MorgyWV) December 7, 2012

@uaw Fuck Rick Snyder and his assclown buddies in state legislature. SOLIDARITY FROM OHIO!

— Brad Combs (@BCombs212) December 7, 2012

Sad day in Michigan, the war is on! Long live labor fuck the GOP!

— lance enderle (@lance_enderle) December 7, 2012

This is NOT what Democracy looks like!!!! #WIunion #1u #p2

— SMWIA Local 19 (@SMWIALocal19) December 7, 2012

Hate to get political but rick snyder and the republican house and senate can go fuck themselves.#fuckrightowork

— Adam Mantay (@Mantleon42) December 6, 2012

Shame on Michigan legislature for this blatant attack on workers’ rights. I never thought something like this would happen in my home state.

— Craig Chasseur (@spoonboy42) December 7, 2012

Fuck Right To Work, Fuck our Senate and House and especially fuck you Rick Snyder. You all know what you are doing trying to bust unions.

— Mils Marijuano (@MilsMarijuano) December 7, 2012

How the hell does Michigan become a Right to Work State? Think about that for a second. Shame on Gov. Snyder and the assembly. #rtw #1u

— Eric Rosso (@ericopinion) December 6, 2012

@governorsnyder SHAME On YOU.Michigan has always been a proud manufacturing WORKING man state.

— Lois Eiler (@LoisEiler) December 7, 2012

There’s enough shame to spread it around a little.

The realshame about #Michigan #RightToWork is that it has taken so long. Next up, #Wisconsin!! And the #wiunion puppets can’t stop it

— Zaida Risius (@Zaida_Risius) December 7, 2012

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