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Video: Shaquille O’Neal vs. Charles Barkley in epic shirt off competition


Even if they’re retired, athletes NEVER like being called fat! Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley got so tired of hearing they’re overweight, out of shape and downright obese that they decided to have an epic shirt off competition on TNT.

Anxious to see how these past NBA legends look without their shirts on? Check out the video!

Turrible. #shirtoff

— Bryan Fischer (@BryanDFischer) May 16, 2012

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Sorry Charles but even without the painted on abs, Shaq is clearly the winner here.

The #shirtoff was funny is hell #shaq won tho

— Nazo the Trillest ✈ (@RNS_YOLO) May 16, 2012

The #shirtoff between @SHAQ and Charles Barkley was epic. Shaq is a beast still @NBAonTNT

— Luxshan (@luxshanv26) May 16, 2012

How about Chuck and Shaq's #ShirtOff challenge. That thing was too funny. Shaq won though.

— Kanese LaShawn (@neeCpooh84) May 16, 2012

Wow, Chuck's looking good, but @SHAQ looks like he's ready to come out of retirement! With the sprayed on Abs! Lol #Shaq #ShirtOff

— Lisa Leslie (@LisaLeslie) May 16, 2012

On the other hand, if you really think about there are no winners. Only losers like us.

It's safe to say we all lost in the #shirtoff

— Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) May 16, 2012

It's wack when dudes take their shirts off for attention. Get real You bro. #ShirtOff

— 〽️aster Chief 〽️azzo (@MazzoThaKid) May 16, 2012

I finally watched the #shirtoff and I cried real tears.

— B.R. (@BGRZB) May 16, 2012

Let’s hope neither of them take off their shirts in front of a camera again anytime soon.

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