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Vox headline about impact of ‘Chelsea Clinton’s presidency’ mock-splained


Stumble through an entire article to say, "It won't matter".
Then butcher the headline.
Imagine had this NOT been explained for me.

— Martini Shark (@MartiniShark) April 18, 2014

Yesterday it was announced that Chelsea Clinton was expecting a child. Ezra Klein’s news explanation service,, wondered how that story might impact the 2016 race, assuming Hillary is in the running. However, that’s not how it was originally worded:!/FreeBeacon/status/457158927411466240

Whoops! Does somebody have “Clinton dynasty” on the brain?!/Andrew_Dad/status/457169773726416896

Not sure. Maybe somebody can “Voxsplain” it:!/redsteeze/status/457163937184632833!/BenHowe/status/457159333189783552

15 Reasons Why Hillary's 'Inevitability' Lives Rent Free in Our Heads. #voxpitches @FreeBeacon @DaphodilB
@BenHowe— Noah Wehrman (@NoahWehrman) April 18, 2014 made the correction and explained that the original typo would have had a mega impact on 2016:!/voxdotcom/status/457159038656978945

Whoa, “Voxsplain” overload!

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