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#Walmartstrikers vow Black Friday strike, MSNBC’s Ed Schultz backs them up


More than 1,000 Walmart employees appear poised to strike on Black Friday in protest of the company’s alleged low wages and unsatisfactory working conditions. The movement is gaining support from Tweeters and MSNBC host Ed Schultz.

Schultz lambasted Walmart on his MSNBC television show Monday night, citing “leaked documents” that allegedly prove the retail giant exploits its workers. Schultz called for a boycott of Walmart and threw his support behind the #WalmartStrikers movement, which is encouraging Walmart employees to strike on Black Friday.

Schultz claimed the workers are fighting for “the basics,” which include:

1) Minimum pay of $13 an hour;

2) More predictable, fair schedules;

3) Less expensive health-care plans; and

4) Safer working conditions in warehouses.

You know, the basics. Of course, union-loving, strike-happy lefties are all over it.

@ninaturner @edshow Businesses like this are the reason why you have a 47%. Walmart is another form of slavery organized.

— Ronald Lewis (@rtlewis777) November 20, 2012

@josheidelson: I liked seeing u on #edshow! BOYCOTT ALL WAL-MARTS ON BLACK FRIDAY, SUPPORT WORKING FAMILIES!

— Sunae Thomas (@SunaeThomas) November 20, 2012

Wal-Mart is the scourge of Corporate America-The most unfair, cheapest group to ever run a Business #fairpay #edshow

— PoliticQues (@politicques) November 20, 2012

#edshow @edshow Slow down the Walmart lane on Black Friday like GOP/rich slowed down voting on election day!!!!!

— Apple (@aplemkseriously) November 20, 2012

Ed sure does know how to attract the crazies.

@edshow @josheidelson You need to let viewers and consumers know that they’re expected NOT TO CROSS A PICKET LINE when they see one! #edshow

— ThingsThatMakeUGoHm(@KaylaWildflower) November 20, 2012

Oops, that Tweeter inadvertently added an “s” to “viewer.”

I stand in solidarity with the #WalmartStrikers & their fight for respect at work. via @seiu #1u

— Dominick Saia (@dominicksaia) November 19, 2012

Who would have guessed that SEIU would get involved?

I hope it is a “Black Friday”… for management #Walmart #edshow @edshow

— irene haralabatos (@rini6) November 20, 2012

Yes, because making light of lost jobs/business is hilarious. Of course, whenever #edshow is trending, conservatives are ready to pounce.

Funny how #edshow trends on here periodically. It means each person watching #edshow is tweeting 500 tweets per minute.

— Robert Anthony (@rap2jr) November 20, 2012

Literally laughing because #edshow is trending. BTW Fox News’ rating are nearly double that of MSDNC.#tcot RT

— Zionists 4 GOP (@Zionists4GOP) November 20, 2012

Enjoy it while you can!

Hey Ed, plenty of small business R fed up with working for NO wages. Oh guess what…we don’t get unemployment when SHF.#edshow #tcot

— Dawn (@noprezzie2012) November 20, 2012

@noprezzie2012 – Walmart is one of the best retailers I have ever had the pleasure to work for #edshow

— printboy (@printboy) November 20, 2012

#edshow – Walmart pay their employees better than most retailers – the unions want to take a part of my hourly wages – unions = greed

— printboy (@printboy) November 20, 2012

Does the Left have any idea how jobs are created?

23 million Americans out of work, and #WalMartStrikers want my sympathy? Not.

— Loren Heal (@lheal) November 20, 2012

#EdShow -WalMart may be all kinds of awful in many ways, but “essentially slavery”?You’re hurting your own argument with claims like that.

— LOLPAC Left Out Loud (@lolpacorg) November 20, 2012

Thanks for the perspective. Perhaps a few of the 23 million unemployed/underemployed Americans would be willing to subject themselves to this kind of “slavery.”

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