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Wanna see something truly ‘gag’-worthy? Watch Laverne Cox backtrack on Romney


Remember earlier today, when actress Laverne Cox tweeted that Mitt Romney was on her plane and ended on a “#gag” note? Well, as it turns out didn’t mean anything by it — honest!

Fyi I have often used the term "I am gagging" colloquially to denote surprise. This is how I meant it here.Maybe it's an lgbt thang

— Laverne Cox (@Lavernecox) September 25, 2014

Did she seriously just play the LGBT card? Points for creativity, at least.

.@Lavernecox Yeah. I'm gay. You know you're lying right now.

— Chris Barnhart (@ChrisBarnhart) September 25, 2014

"Maybe it's an lgbt thing" is the new "Don't question me. DON'T YOU EVER QUESTION ME!!!!"

— Chris Barnhart (@ChrisBarnhart) September 25, 2014

Sorry, Laverne, but it’s not “an LGBT thang”. It’s more like a “pants on fire” thang.

Her follow-up didn’t do her any favors, either:

Also I would be surprised aka "gag" if I were on a flight with any presidential candidate. I did not tweet to disparage him.

— Laverne Cox (@Lavernecox) September 25, 2014

Oh, puh-leeze!

@Lavernecox Nice squirm, liar.

— Scott Lofquist ن (@ScottLofquist) September 25, 2014

@Lavernecox Yeah right.

— Lyndsey Fifield (@lyndseyfifield) September 25, 2014

@Lavernecox Bullshit

— Keanin Parish (@Keanin) September 25, 2014

@Lavernecox bullshit, nice try though.

— Joshua Hatheway (@Ogama843) September 25, 2014

@Lavernecox looks like someone is trying to cover their ass.

— MandyJoMiller (@locosmom) September 25, 2014

Yep, that’s exactly what it looks like.

@Lavernecox lame ass attempt to back track sweety. best thing about Romney is he would not gag if he knew you were there

— Zj Sky (@booloojenks) September 25, 2014



The Cox-splaining continues:

I am sorry if anyone has misread my use of the term "gag" See #4 in link. I don't ever want my social media to be a

— Laverne Cox (@Lavernecox) September 25, 2014

Where folks attack each other but a place of love, empathy and understanding. I forgot for a second that everyone might not know the queer

— Laverne Cox (@Lavernecox) September 25, 2014

Usage of the term gag. Most of my surprise is that he was flying commercial and not private. That's the truth

— Laverne Cox (@Lavernecox) September 25, 2014

You know, dear, maybe you should’ve shared this information with the folks calling for you to push Romney out of the plane. Instead, you waited until people starting calling you out for the juvenile “#gag”-tag.

Keep that in mind for next time.

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