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‘Was she dropped on her head?’ Feminist shrieks about intercourse; Mockery ensues


Who’s up for a little education, radical feminist-style?!/Ltfngr/status/419144651317051392

Look no further than this incredible piece of … whatever the hell this is:!/TabithaHale/status/419125086021378048

The author of this masterpiece asserts that sexual intercourse between a man and a woman (aka “PIV”) is rape. In fact, it’s always rape. Here’s a peek at her logic:

If we compare this to even the crappiest online definition of violence: “behaviour involving physical force intended to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something”. Bingo. It fits: Pregnancy = may hurt, damage or kill. Intercourse = a man using his physical force to penetrate a woman. Intention / purpose of the act of intercourse = to cause pregnancy.  PIV is therefore intentional harm / violence. Intentional sexual harm of a man against a woman through penile penetration = RAPE.

Now, we recommend reading the entire thing, because frankly, there’s no way we can sum up this kind of crazypants for you. But suffice it to say, the gal who wrote it could use some major therapy.!/conkc2/status/418913200449413120

That would certainly explain quite a bit.!/charlescwcooke/status/419138251706753024!/OneFineJay/status/419130607579328514

Unlike Miss Debbie Downer, though, we know how to accentuate the positive:!/LeonHWolf/status/419150379100553216

Excellent point. Plus, there’s plenty of mockery to be had:!/CalebHowe/status/419163283921178624

That’s quite a feat.!/LilMissRightie/status/419151901460942849!/LADowd/status/418889157831036928!/flyoverangel/status/418889211744231425!/mdrache/status/418897449713819648!/mdrache/status/418898862338625536!/deaf_erin/status/418965402270453760!/MangyLover/status/418923649559564288!/Cameron_Gray/status/419145945402449921

Annnnnd we have a winner:!/EricStrobel/status/419155955092574208


Parting question:!/JoeC_Esquire/status/419156177000206336

We’d rather not think about it.

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