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Watch This Man Eat Peppers That Would Burn Your Face Off Like They’re Candy


My face feels like it’s catching on fire when I season my meals with black pepper, so I’m not exactly an expert on spicy foods.

Eventually, I managed to graduate to hot salsa, but I’m still cautious. After all, there’s even a whole scale ranking the hotness of peppers that serves as a warning to would-be consumers.

Even though your body would probably give out long before you died from eating spicy foods like the famous ghost pepper, it is theoretically possible to die from eating hot peppers, so it’s not a bad idea to exercise some caution.

None of that, however, deters this man! He eats habaneros, among other hot peppers, without any struggle at all. He even wipes them on his eyes because nothing is sacred.

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Now that’s one brave man with a lot of practice and a stomach of steel. He’s proven himself to be the hot pepper master.

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