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Weiner’s sexting pal visits Sean Hannity’s show: 10 Twitter takeaways


Anthony Weiner’s spotlight-grabbing sexting paramour Sydney Leathers visited Sean Hannity’s program and shamelessly grinned through an unapologetic explication of all the terrible things she’s done. If you can’t bear to watch the actual interview, here are ten takeaways for your convenience.

1) Anthony Weiner hates Sean Hannity more than any other conservative. Ever.!/Schoetz/status/367462281111552001

2) Sydney Leathers credits herself for taking down Anthony Weiner.!/LADowd/status/367489907276533761

3) Anthony Weiner likes phone sex. A lot.!/LADowd/status/367475984015966209

4)  Woman aspiring to be a porn actress after having phone sex with a married man draws the line at said married man lying his way into office.!/LADowd/status/367479881858162688

5) Leathers thinks she’s a crusader for women’s rights:!/tonykatz/status/367464532416790528

6) Weiner is not too talky about his family:!/LADowd/status/367476514712858624

7) Leathers is making good on her hopes for springboarding off of Weiner to a new career:!/LADowd/status/367467555692089344

8) Weiner’s opening line was a Facebook “poke”:!/Schoetz/status/367463120974778368

9) Leathers is not being kind to Huma — down with slut-shaming, but up with wife-blaming!!/TBradleyNC/status/367463676128661505

10) According to Leathers, she enjoyed her appearance on the show:!/sydneyelainexo/status/367503827983138816


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