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‘WH grammar fail’! Having health insurance is ‘basic tenant of being a human’ [video]


Yeah … that’s not a compliment.

This afternoon, the White House pimped a new video starring celebrities who haven’t signed up for Obamacare telling us to sign up for Obamacare. Unfortunately, they forgot to run their tweet by the Grammar Fairy first:!/WhiteHouse/status/447108765129916416


Wouldn’t it, though?!/TimShutters/status/447109667228233728!/SalenaZitoTrib/status/447111125285736448!/C_H813/status/447112153317650432

Hey @WhiteHouse…
Tenet – a principal or belief
Tenant- a person who rents or occupies property of a landlord— Chelle (@FL_Chelle) March 21, 2014!/HrmnoPstlro/status/447112796941996032!/amylutz4/status/447110255562874880!/JohnG405/status/447110746510348288!/BecketAdams/status/447110875191996416

But maybe in this particular case, “tenant” kinda sorta makes a little sense:!/BecketAdams/status/447109963757158400

So there’s that. Oh, and did we mention that nobody’s buying what the White House is selling?!/redsteeze/status/447109268626739200!/TimShutters/status/447109809054429184!/JulieLvsPACKERS/status/447111490370564096!/Nancy_Bellicec/status/447117066278293504

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