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What She Caught A Guy Doing On The Train Will Creep You Out — Be On The Lookout!


When you ride public transportation, you’re bound to meet a few weirdos. But what one Australian woman had to deal with during a train trip from Sydney last week is just ridiculous. YouTuber tomgjj posted the following video earlier this week of a man sitting in front of her sneakily recording her through the gap in the seat.

The user said she was wearing shorts at the time and woke up from a nap to find him filming up her pants. The young woman told The Daily Telegraph that she needed almost a half hour to muster up the courage to confront him about what he was doing. “He acted all offended and I just told him to stop and he nodded,” the victim said.

Luckily she was recording this creep the entire time and caught their exchange on video.

(via The Daily Telegraph)

Australian police are currently investigating the situation and seeking a suspect. Anyone who might have information about the man in the video is encouraged to contact police.

It just further proves the point that you should always be aware of your surroundings while in transit.

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