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What They Found Inside This Old Condo Is More Than A Little Unsettling


When it comes to the issue of home security, some might say that you can never have enough. That’s why it’s not uncommon to see people with multiple locks on their doors and windows, even if they live in the middle of nowhere.

However, security within your home is something else entirely, and it can denote bizarre activity. This is something that Redditor IPlayWithElectricity found out while he was working on rewiring a recently sold condo. What he found inside was pretty disturbing, but I’ll let him tell you in his own words.

“I’m doing electrical work in a recently sold condo. Every interior door has a chain lock on it that you would only be able to unlock if you were outside of the room. My first thought upon seeing the locks was that they’d be good for keeping kids in their rooms when they’re in trouble, but in this community, kids and pets are not permitted,” he writes.

The Redditor obviously reached some disturbing conclusions about why anyone would need such locks in a community like that. What were they trying to contain? That being said, other Redditors suggested a few other reasons why the previous tenants might have chosen to use them.

One commenter pointed out how his grandmother used to lock his grandfather in the bedroom occasionally when he suffered from Alzheimer’s. She did this so that she could take a shower or use the bathroom without having to worry about him getting into trouble.

Even though it’s much more interesting to think that people were confining people to these rooms against their will, the installation of the locks was probably just a precaution.

(source: Reddit)

Even though these locks were probably installed with the best intentions, seeing them out of context is pretty scary.

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