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What This Guy Did With A 1967 Airstream Will Make You Entirely Jealous


Many people dream of hitting the open road in a tricked-out camper, but few people actually do it.

But when Reddit user Jomini777 got the opportunity to go to school across the country, he decided to make one of his other dreams come true. He bought an old Airstream trailer and began taking it apart. The plan was to bring it to school with him and have it serve as his very own dorm room. After that, who knows where the road would take him.

You’re going to be so jealous when you see how it turned out.

From the outside, the 1967 Airstream didn’t look half bad, but inside was a different story.

It clearly showed its age.

The space was cramped and the furnishings were worn.

So he parked it in his yard and got to work.

He removed some walls…

Already it was looking more open.

After shifting some things around, he managed to get all the kitchen cabinets on one side. This helped the inside feel more functional.

In preparation for a new paint job, he patched up holes and covered key pieces.

Then he added new flooring! During the same day, he installed new countertops.

The windows were covered…

And everything was painted white! It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do for a space…

It’s like new!

A wine refrigerator was added to the camper and Jomini777 built a spot for a washer/dryer.

He even had room for a little desk.

Here’s the entrance…the curtains really make it welcoming.

And the remodeled futon. He picked out new fabric for the seating area.

You’d never guess this was a camper from the 1960s.

The foldout table will work well for entertaining or just eating meals.

And the kitchen looks so modern.

Jomini777 still plans to add some other things like molding and wants to replace the lighting fixtures.

What a difference!

You can go super modern with camper remodels…or you can do what this couple did with theirs. They took an old, boring van and turned it into a colorful, fun space!

Here’s what they started with. The inside was basically a disaster.

Yeah, we told you. Rotted wood, siding falling off…

They thought — what did we get ourselves into??

But they got to work! First, they removed the siding.

All the windows had to come off, too.

This was what they were left with…

But even that was useless.

So they broke everything down.

And started from scratch — the trailer!

Finally, they started building the frame out.

The first layer of flooring was waterproofed.

They built new wheel wells into it.

Then they had to make new walls — they traced the aluminum siding onto some wood.

They cut them out and assembled the sides — making progress!

Finally, it was time to design the interior — they made sure they had plenty of storage space.

Every square inch would be usable.

Bright paint colors helped it look light and open.

They added the aluminum siding!

This will be the kitchen.

When all was said and done…

You don’t even recognize the space!

It’s so fun.

What a cute kitchen.

There’s even a shower!

If those two camper rebuilds don’t inspire you to get a van, remodel it, and hit the open road, I don’t know what will!

Let’s explore the world on four wheels!

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