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What This Photographer Captured Is Extremely Touching. It Broke Me Down.


Jon is a little boy that’s unlike all other little boys. He can’t talk to you, he can’t see you. But, he still lives a full an interesting life that a photographer named Sara Marie Ramsoe attempted to capture. Sara lived in the same neighborhood as this multi-handicapped 11 year-old boy. Jon was born without eyes, he cannot learn how to communicate and he cannot walk or use his body. Sara received an assignment from the Bilder Nordic School of Photography, she was to follow a person with some kind of social difference in our society. She found the courage to ask Jon’s family to photograph him… and he quickly became her subject of choice.

It was Sara’s goal to understand Jon’s feelings. It took her a while to understand his body language.

Being close to a child that can’t see and doesn’t have eyes can be a challenge.

It was challenging to capture his personality.

But soon, it shone through.

The beautiful photos show a life that is so different from our own.

However, Jon’s life still has moments of joy.

And moments of sadness.

Most importantly, the photos show that Jon is still a child.

Life is a wonderful mystery, for both Jon and us.

We are so glad Sara found the courage to reach out to Jon’s family. The resulting sets of photos were chillingly beautiful. It’s hard not to be moved when you see these.

Source: & Sara Marie Ramsoe

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