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When His Dad Was Filming Them Skiing, This Video Could Have Ended So Badly


If there are two things I know from growing up skiing, it’s that wearing a helmet is SO important…

And hitting the slopes with a buddy is always a good idea. You never know what kinds of conditions you’ll run into on the slopes, and even if you’re the most skilled of skiers, one wrong turn can end incredibly badly.

Something that this father and son know all too well.

When they were out enjoying some fresh powder, Dad filmed his kid coming down the mountain. After he was out of sight, Ethan’s dad followed his trail, only he couldn’t find him. When he heard muffled screams coming from an evergreen, he rushed to help.

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Skier Falls Into a Tree Well

HOLY SH*T! Good thing his dad was around!

Posted by JukinVideo on Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Thank GOD his dad was with him. His helmet probably went a long way to cushioning his fall.

I’m sure Mom was pretty upset when they got home and told her about their ski trip.

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