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When It Comes To Making Your Own Cleaners…NEVER Combine These Ingredients


With so many DIY cleaning recipes out there, it’s hard not to do a little bit of improvisation.

After all, what could go wrong if you mixed a little bit of this with a little bit of that? Well, according to these chemical reactions, a whole lot.

Here are just a few ingredients you should never mix to make an at-home cleaner. No matter how powerful they are separate, combining them will not make a super cleaner…but it will make a super disaster.

Bleach + rubbing alcohol


This toxic combination creates chloroform, which is what rags are doused with when bad guys kidnap people in movies. Even though you probably won’t pass out, make it a habit to next mix these two.

Drain cleaner + different drain cleaner


If one drain cleaner doesn’t work to clear up your clogged pipes, don’t throw another one down there. Toxic fumes (or worse) could come of it. It’s best to just call in the professionals.

Bleach + ammonia


This combo creates chloramine. While it might sound harmless, if you inhale it, this gas can cause shortness of breath and chest pains.

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Bleach + vinegar


Mix bleach and vinegar together and you’ll make chlorine gas. Even small amounts can cause breathing problems and burning, watery eyes.

Castile soap + vinegar


When you mix these two together you don’t create anything toxic, you just make disgusting gunk. It’s not going to clean anything — just make it dirtier.

Hydrogen peroxide + vinegar


The chemical reaction here creates peracetic acid. Not only is it harmful and corrosive to your home’s surfaces, it can also be bad for your skin and respiratory system.

Baking soda + vinegar


While nothing bad happens here, nothing beneficial does either. In fact, this mixture just yields water with a little salt in it…which won’t really clean anything.

(via Bren Did, Good Housekeeping)

Well, there you have it. Some DIYs should never be done when it comes right down to it.

Then again, these 17 DIY cleaning tricks are tried and true. We promise, no toxic gases!

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