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‘When will the greed end?’ Bernie Sanders whines about mess he helped create


Vermont socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders is hopping mad, you guys. Why? Because Walmart recently announced that as of January 1, 2015, it will no longer provide health insurance coverage to employees working a weekly average of less than 30 hours. According to Sanders, it’s all about greed:

When will the greed end?

— Bernie Sanders (@SenSanders) October 9, 2014

That Walmart has really got some nerve, claiming to care about working families while canceling their insurance coverage … Oh, wait:

@SenSanders: When will the greed end?” are you sure it has nothing to do with obamacare Bernie?

— rod l (@cdnrod) October 9, 2014

@SenSanders @jmartNYT Thank Obamacare.

— katiepack (@katiepack) October 9, 2014

Cutting it because of Obamacare, which you voted for. This is on you, Senator.

— Nathan Wurtzel (@NathanWurtzel) October 9, 2014

@SenSanders Considering you voted for Obamacare you get yo own this. You think anyone is going to let you forget that? #no

— The Arquette Sisters (@ArquetteSisters) October 9, 2014

Your vote for Obamacare resulted in this, you turd. @SenSanders

— ن Miké Ramoné ن (@ThePantau) October 9, 2014

.@SenSanders You voted for the law that is responsible for this, you piece of shit.

— SFK (@stephenkruiser) October 9, 2014

Harsh, but true.

@SenSanders I'll take "Things a low info voter would believe for $500," Alex.

— J.R. Salzman (@jrsalzman) October 9, 2014

.@SenSanders Hi Bernie. Can you tell @Walmart where to pick up the promised $2500/family health care savings checks?

— The 57th State ℅EF™ (@EF517_V2) October 9, 2014

@SenSanders #Obamacare provided the requisite incentive for all companies to do just what WalMart is doing. #badlaw

— Ozzie Nelson (@DavidDNelson) October 9, 2014

If anyone should be feeling guilty right now, Senator, it’s you. You and all your buddies who foisted this mess on us.

Liberals are pissed w/ Walmart for cutting health insurance, but were silent over Obamacare canceling millions of people's insurance. #Irony

— Matthew (@Matthops82) October 9, 2014

Getting mad at Walmart for greed, but supporting big govt that taxes the hell out of us & forces us to buy their insurance. #LiberalLogic

— Matthew (@Matthops82) October 9, 2014

Exit question:

Why don't you ask your President, since he hired Wal-Mart's lobbyist Leslie Dach to run the Obamacare rollout? @SenSanders

— Mr. X (@GlomarResponder) October 9, 2014


And yes, that Walmart lobbyist and Obama donor is the father of the guy who was hiring hookers in Colombia. No nepotism here. @SenSanders

— Mr. X (@GlomarResponder) October 9, 2014

Ask Leslie Dach, donor, now DHHS. Got his kid a job in the WH to hang out with hookers in Colombia. @SenSanders When will the greed end?

— JG (@JohnG405) October 9, 2014



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