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When You Don’t Have The Words, The Best Way To Express Yourself Is Through Cake.


Not sure how to break some bad news to someone? Or maybe you’d like to apologize for something you’ve done and aren’t sure how to soften the blow? If you don’t have the words to say what you need to say, there is an easy way to express yourself.

The answer: cake. (And really, isn’t cake always the answer?) If you need to smooth things over with people, use some smooth and creamy frosting.

1.) Who cares about water when you have cake?

2.) The M&Ms are a nice touch.

3.) Where’s the cat’s cake?

4.) Because this is much better than replacing the game.

5.) The next cake should read, “Sorry I used poor grammar on my apology cake.”

6.) This cake says all man to me.

7.) Probably shouldn’t have gone with red icing for this one.

8.) I hope this wasn’t delivered to a hospital.

9.) Now she’s really one of the family.

10.) Why would you apologize for this?

11.) This kind of apology really deserves more frosting.

12.) This is the definition of bittersweet.

13.) I think an ice pack might have been more appropriate.

14.) Maybe the candles are the amount of drinks this person has in a day.

15.) Not sorry enough to spell out “sorry,” though.

16.) Please enjoy this cake while I pwn you again!

17.) Wasn’t this an episode of Friends?

18.) Uh, I hope this cake is sugar free…

19.) This person really deserves two cakes.

20.) …I’m speechless.

21.) Maybe just clean the car?

22.) Congratulations! You’re fired!

23.) Okay, this is a new one.

24.) Interventions work better with cake.

25.) Pink, glittery Satan is still Satan.

It’s just so hard to be mad when you’re eating cake. … unless you’re mad at yourself for eating an entire cake, which I tend to do. Even if it’s passive-aggressive cake.

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