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Who should replace Ann Curry on the ‘Today’ show?


After just one year, NBC is reportedly looking to replace ‘Today’ co-host Ann Curry. Twitter users suggested replacements who might have better chemistry with Matt Lauer.

Yes! Let's make this happen! #hotmess #trainwreck RT @OhLizOh: I think Lindsay Lohan should replace Ann Curry. @MChaseRadio @jackgoesforth

— Melissa Chase (@MChaseRadio) June 21, 2012

I'd joke NBC is going to replace Ann Curry with Sarah Palin, but then remembered Palin already guest hosted. Might happen!

— Sudeep Sharma (@sudeepLA) June 21, 2012

Really hopes the Today show doesn't replace Ann Curry with Savannah Guthrie. I vote for Natalie or someone completely new. #Today

— Erin McCarthy (@ErinMcCarthy914) June 21, 2012

I hope they replace Ann Curry with Savannah Guthrie. That is all.

— Greg Morabito (@GregMorabito) June 21, 2012

With Tammy?!! RT @HeyTammyBruce: NBC Is Said to Be Preparing to Replace Ann Curry on ‘Today’

— Melissa Clouthier (@MelissaTweets) June 20, 2012

NBC plans to replace Ann Curry on the Today Show with Kate Upton #Unconfirmed

— D (@DrGivenchy) June 20, 2012

So they're forcing Ann Curry out? Let's replace her with Jenna Bush!

— Danie (@danielleneocon) June 21, 2012

They should replace Ann Curry with A$AP Yams.

— Rembert Browne (@rembert) June 21, 2012

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