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‘You really are a bigot’: ‘Voxhole’ Max Fisher bravely mocks Netanyahu’s accent


Bibi: Hamas.
Max Fisher: Hahaha you talk funny!
Osama Hamdan: Jews drink blood.
Max Fisher: How about those silly time zones?!

—   (@neontaster) August 06, 2014

Does Max Fisher give a crap about covering Israel fairly? Nope. That’s why he’s so well-suited to cover it for Vox.!/Matthops82/status/497066190221492225

We did, but it never hurts to be reminded. Here’s Fisher’s latest insightful take on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu:!/Max_Fisher/status/497064472927035392

“Real journalism,” ladies and gentlemen.!/RBPundit/status/497067428141338626!/angelaisms/status/497067047852183552

Suuuuure he will. Right after he apologizes for being a ginormous jackass.!/VekTorBK/status/497076765144403969!/Gitarfanman/status/497070890392109056!/RBPundit/status/497068492827676672!/ConservativeLA/status/497070697433550849

Otherwise known as:!/liars_never_win/status/497068760545509376



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