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You Think You’re Seeing A Cabbage Patch Kid. Just Wait Til You See What You’re REALLY Seeing.


Friends do weird things. Really weird things. That’s probably why, as odd as this is, it’s not all that surprising. Here we have what appears to be a Cabbage Patch Kid:

Well, sorta. Looks close enough.

Except that’s not what it is. One friend sent another a picture of a baby dressed as a Cabbage Patch Kid and challenged him to do the same thing. The photo you just saw is the result…but what would this post be without showing you exactly how he did it?

Of course the cat, Pebbles, used the box like cats do. Get out, Pebbles.

First, you have to fit the box to the stroller.

Cover it in construction paper…

Cut it…

Spray paint it (the driveway too apparently)…

Start working on the wig.


Good enough.

Hey, not bad!

Add the details.

Insert baby for fitting.

Authenticated Cabbage Patch Kid. It’s the real deal.

Well, sorta. Looks close enough.

It’s as cute as it is pointless. The baby seems happy enough, the friend completed the challenge, and now you know how to turn a real life baby into a CPK. Everyone wins!

Source: imgur

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