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You Won’t Believe What This Guy Did With Old Farm Scrap Metal. Seriously, WOW.


Farmers of South Dakota, if you see John Lopez going through your garbage, please let him continue to do so. In his hands, what was unfixable or unwanted to you becomes art. Not just any art, though. Big, striking sculptures that celebrate the American Old West. The kind of stuff you’d probably like! At the very least, you’ll be impressed by his work. Who wouldn’t be? Take a look for yourself (even if you’re not a farmer from South Dakota)!

1.) Bison

2.) Cowboy in Action

3.) Another Bison

4.) Horse

5.) Triceratops Ride

6.) Bull

7.) Plowing Horse

8.) Bear

9.) Buck

10.) Another Horse

11.) Work in Progress

(H/T boredpanda) Those are some amazing sculptures. I wonder how much better we’d all be about recycling if it always looked this cool. You can share this post using the button below.

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