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ZZzzzz: Miami Dolphins to be featured on HBO’s ‘Hard Knocks,’ will Kim Kardashian make an appearance?


Philbin on Hard Knocks: "We thought it was in the best interest of the organization to do it at this time."

— Miami Dolphins (@MiamiDolphins) May 29, 2012

The first episode of Hard Knocks will air Tuesday, August 7 at 10 pm ET

— Miami Dolphins (@MiamiDolphins) May 29, 2012

After the New York Jets and the Atlanta Falcons turned down HBO, the network was forced to offer “Hard Knocks” to even the NFL’s most boring teams.

On this season of the reality show, there will be no Tim Tebow or Rex Ryan. Instead we’ll have to settle for Reggie Bush and the Miami Dolphins.

How many episodes of hard knocks will it take for Reggie bush to fuck Ryan tannehills wife? Over/under 3

— Tom Walsh (@Tomwalsh27) May 29, 2012

Miami Dolphins are on HBO's Hard Knocks. I give 0 fucks. Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming

— Mike (@FSUPrimeNYJ) May 29, 2012

The Phins got Hard Knocks.. Smh.. I guess all the other pop warner teams declined..

— Vic Figueroa (@dachosn1) May 29, 2012

Glad to see Hard Knocks got a team. Not sure I'd want them doing it if I was a GM/HC, but as a viewer I love it

— Sam Monson (@PFF_Sam) May 29, 2012

Was there ever any doubt the Dolphins would be on Hard Knocks eventually with Ross as their owner? Too bad HBO couldn't get an NFL team.

— Andres (@TheAndresCorrea) May 29, 2012

Instead of having the Dolphins do Hard Knocks, can we just follow Steve Spurrier around with a microphone for 3 months?

— Adam Kramer (@KegsnEggs) May 29, 2012

Dolphins didn't have a choice. Had to take Hard Knocks opportunity. Could be great, could be more of a disaster.

— darren rovell (@darrenrovell) May 29, 2012

Miami dolphins doing Hard Knocks. Hoping the cameras find asst. Hollywood Dave Corrao. He won't disappoint!

— Bruce Feldman (@BruceFeldmanCFB) May 29, 2012

Maybe Reggie Bush’s ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian will make an appearance on the show? That would make things at least somewhat more exciting!

HBO clearly banking on Bush-Kardashian reunion for "Hard Knocks." #Dolphins

— Tom Kessenich (@TomKessenich) May 29, 2012

How long will it take Kim Kardashian to make a play for Reggie Bush now the Miami Dolphins are on Hard Knocks?

— David C. (@nerddad) May 29, 2012

If Reggie bush somehow leads to Kim k infecting hard knocks, I will throw my remote at my tv. So please let this not happen

— Greg Mers (@GMers1) May 29, 2012

Somehow Kim Kardashian might make her way on Hard Knocks this year. Anything to stay relevant

— Dre Everything (@MrDCsportsSr) May 29, 2012

I bet Kim Kardashian feels dumb as hell. She could have been on Hard Knocks this year. I bet shell try to hit him up. #GoldDiggingWhore lol

— Michael Bridgeman (@smokey_boness) May 29, 2012

For the sake of “Hard Knocks” and HBO subscribers around to world, we certainly hope those two former lovebirds get back together!

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