My Hero Academia: Ranking Class 1-A’s Hero Costumes

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Heroes have needed a lot of things since their inception. We have seen Super Heroes, heroes with lots of brains, ones with lots of money and everything in between. While the concept of a hero has changed over the years there is one constant that makes a superhero well…super, its the costume. The masked crusader has been a symbol for hope to all the citizens looking for a hero. It is what makes a hero an icon, a symbol of hope. My Hero Academia has taken this concept with strides. Every main character in Class 1-A has a unique and distinct costume that speaks to their personality and their quirk. In today’s video, we will be ranking the best in Class 1-A. We will be looking at overall character design and how much their costume complaints either their personality or quirk. We have twenty students in Class 1-A so we have a lot of serious contenders. Midoriya’s costume is very striking for example. Even though it is a simple design, the addition of his boots and the green color scheme makes him stick out amongst his peers. In fact, everyone in Class 1-A has a pretty distinct color palette. If we can be frank about it, is no “Worst costume” in Class 1-A. There are only good costumes and better costumes. While we might have a list of criteria for rating costumes, we always want to hear your opinion down in the comments.

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Written by: Zack Latino
Narrated by: Lil Jiblits
Edited by: *DBZ FAN*

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