Be Kind to Yourself


How are you all doing? Do you find yourself going back and forth with emotions and outlook? Because I sure do.

Some days I think this way of life will never end. Other days, I can look forward to future gatherings and trips with friends and keep it all in perspective. And you know what? Both of those views and all of those feelings are ok.Some days I pick projects and yarn and can’t wait to get home from work to knit and other days I get home and scroll on my phone without getting any knitting done. And both of those things are ok.Some days we eat healthy and get plenty of exercise and other days we make popcorn for dinner and don’t do much. And both of those things are ok.Some days I think we need to open the shop back up for in-store customers immediately, and other days I think I can’t see us ever opening up again and feeling safe. And all of those feelings are ok.

I don’t ever remember having my feelings and actions swing so wildly from one end of the spectrum to the other. But I have learned to not be too hard on myself. If I need a night of cat pictures on my phone, then that’s what my brain needs. If I need a night of starting all of the projects and adding more to my queue, then that’s what my brain needs. I’m going with the flow. It’s all good.

Be kind to yourself. Give yourself plenty of leeway. It’s a weird time and you’re adapting as best you can. Things will get better. People still care. There’s lots of beauty in the world.

For me – I’m going to play in the Malabrigo Rios today so we can get it ready for Monday’s Update. I’m also looking forward to a long holiday weekend. I’ll probably do some knitting, check out some cat pictures, and take a long walk with Paul. How about you? What’s on your weekend schedule?

We’ll be back in on Tuesday to ship Saturday/Sunday/Monday orders. I hope you all have a relaxing weekend filled with good things.

Stay safe, take care, and remember to be kind to yourself. There are better days ahead.


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