Connection Training: Relationship Train Clarifies Just How It Works

Need relationship coaching? Looking for a relationship coach?
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Every great athlete has a coach. Why? Because a coach helps the athlete see things about their performance that they cannot.

Apply that principle to your relationship or marriage and you get relationship coaching.

As your relationship coach, my job is to see your blind spots (those areas that you cannot see where you continually trip yourself up) and teach you strategies to improve your relationship game, so that you end up feeling the love and connection you want to feel with your partner.

Here are just a few of the most common reason my clients cite when they ask me to be their relationship coach.

* We keep fighting about the same issues over and over
* We never resolve our arguments
* S/he never listens
* We don’t have sex anymore
* I love him/her, but I’m not sure I’m in love with him/her
* I’m walking on eggshells all the time
* We have communication issues
* We’re about to break up – help!
* S/he cheated on me

If this sounds like your relationship or marriage, know this: You are normal. Your relationship is not doomed, but is stuck.

If you’ve been stuck for a while and have no idea how to improve your situation, relationship coaching can help get you unstuck – fast.

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