Will My Children Learn The Fact Concerning The Narcissist?


Many of you might be horrified or even feel traumatised because your children don’t know the truth about the narcissist.

You may even feel that your child is unprotected because they don’t know the real truth of what’s going on.

But the question is, how do you help your children awaken to their own solid, calm and empowered truth?

If you have been smeared, discredited, abused and devastated or are facing the ravages of parental alienation tactics by the narcissist, let me share with you how I confronted these actions and turned my relationship with my son around, in this Thriver TV episode.



Video Transcript

I know that many of you are horrified about your children not discovering the truth about the narcissist.

You may feel that your child is unprotected because they don’t know the truth.

It’s also very normal for you to feel heartbroken that they don’t realise what happened to you and what you’re going through as a result of being narcissistically abused.

You could be traumatised about the possibility of your child even being groomed into becoming a narcissist themselves.

These are all very frightening possibilities, and that’s why I wanted to bring this Thriver TV episode to you today.

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Okay, now let’s get on to this very important and sensitive topic about your children.


Your Child’s Inner Barometer

I really want you to understand that our children are incredible beings. I believe that they are much more naturally evolved than us.

They know when certain things don’t feel right in the body. They are much less likely to defer to the analytical justifications and rationale that dismiss one’s Inner Being than we are.

I believe it is our job to help our children self-partner and become their own empowered sovereign being. The way that we can do this, is to lead the way by becoming this ourselves.

Sadly, as parents we can be guilty of doing what our parents did to us, lie to our children to try to protect them.

My son Zac used to ask me what was wrong because he could feel it, and I would tell l him that nothing was wrong. I thought this was the right thing to do. But what I was really doing was teaching him to dismiss his own inner gut truths.

As his parent arguably I was his authority, and so it was my responsibility to mirror back to him how on track he was within himself. Yet, what I was teaching him was what I had been taught: that intuition is wrong, that it’s OK to dismiss inner gut feelings, self-abandon, and listen to somebody else’s authority and truth instead.

So many of us when we got involved with narcissistic abuse, did not trust our inner feelings and warnings. We dismissed things when they felt edgy, off and even shocking, and kept going along with a false narrative because our mind made up all sorts of justifications and excuses.  And, because we couldn’t align with and trust ourselves, we were talked out of our boundaries and rights to investigate the facts relating to our inner knowing.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to be truthful to your child, of course, age appropriately.

You don’t need to tell them everything that is going on and project that all over them, but don’t lie if things aren’t good. If you are down and not feeling well, be honest about it.

Grant your child the confirmation that he or she is on track with what they are sensing about you. It is far less damaging to your child to have confirmation of what they are sensing than for him or her to believe that their inner cues are incorrect.

I hope you realise that you don’t want your child to grow up with a defunct and untrustworthy internal compass, which makes them highly susceptible to being controlled, manipulated and abused by others.

Okay so how do you let your child understand the truth?


Live The Truth Yourself

So many parents ask me, “When will my child learn the truth about the narcissist?”

My answer to that is, “When you heal yourself and become a solid, calm, empowered truth in your child’s life.”

Then, your child will awaken to their own solid, calm and empowered truth without you having to do anything to try to force them to “get the truth”. Rather, you are simply living it.

When I was smeared, discredited, abused and devastated and tried to get my son to see what the narcissist was doing, all of my efforts failed. Zac was repelled by my victimised, distraught and insistent behaviour.

He didn’t believe me. Rather, he was gravitating towards the other authority figure in his life who felt “saner” and “safer” – the narcissist.

I was seriously at risk of having my son alienated and turned against me.

Thank goodness, I realised that I could not force him to see the truth to try to make myself feel better. I had to make myself feel better. I had to heal and release my trauma and become healthy and calm, leading the way, firstly for myself and then as the conscious and evolutionary figure in his life.

I started being truthful about my breakdown and my traumas, and that my greatest responsibility to myself and for him was to heal my traumas. I didn’t play the victim about my traumas, I let my son know that this was a necessary evolutionary time in my life, for me to heal and become the whole person that I knew I could be.

When I took responsibility for my own emotions and life, he started to feel safe. It gave him incredible comfort.

I told him when I was going into my bedroom to face and release the traumas with NARP, that were wedged inside of me. He heard me cry, he saw me be incredibly real, wounds and warts and all.

This was such a relief to him, that I was being real with myself and I was being real with him.

He started to become real with himself and me.

As I healed, he healed. He followed where I went.

Then as my wisdom and power emerged, so did his. He saw things clearly. He “got” the truth. Everything fell into place for him, and all the pieces added up.

All of this just happened without me telling him or needing him to understand. I didn’t need his validation or for him to get it, I had already received all of that closure and partnering within myself.

This is the thing … the important people in your life who you want to know the truth will become at one with it when you become at one with yourself.

Okay, if you are a parent and this is resonating with you, I want you to pause this video and make the powerful declaration, “I will lead the way for my child(ren)!”

Truly, there is no more powerful solution for your child’s awakening than that. Again and again, I have seen the clear indisputable evidence occur with the children of Thrivers when their parent does the inner work with NARP.

And it only needs to be one parent. You have no control over what the narcissistic parent does or doesn’t do. This is about you doing what needs to be done.

Just as Zac did, Thriver’s children undergo an organic evolutionary process of coming into the peace and power that we model for them.


If You Are Alienated From Your Child

I know that many of you have suffered this incredible trauma, and my heart goes out to you … so much. Words can’t even begin to describe how terribly disturbing and painful this is for a parent to go through.

I know that many of you have courageously, against all trauma odds, been working at releasing this soul trauma with NARP moduling. Over the years, I have seen the most beautiful reuniting happen even after decades, and even with multiple generations, as a result of people doing the inner work with NARP.

This has been an incredible blessing for many people, yet the truth is there is no guarantee of a reunion with your estranged children, but what can happen is relief from the horrific trauma that child alienation brings. And it makes my heart and soul happy that NARP can work to relieve such a trauma.

I truly hope that you have received the message today, that your children believing you and knowing the truth about the narcissist, can only usually come after you make the full dedication to heal yourself first.

I hope that you can feel this deeply in your body as truth.

And I’d also love to encourage you to look up my other resources in regard to being alienated from your child if this is what you have suffered, as well as all other resources I offer about “our children”. All you need to do is google my name and these topics, and they will come up.

I so hope that they can help.

And I’d love to help you connect to your healing up and out of the trauma and into your true light, calm and solidness for not just your child but also their future generations to help break these terrible cycles of abuse.

And remember, tomorrow is my global, never before done, one-day You Can Thrive event coming up, which will connect you to my inner transformational resources and information, to shift you up and out of abuse and into the life that you were born to live.

I can’t wait to help you with my healing tools. So, grab your last day digital pass for tomorrow by clicking this link.

And as always, I look forward to answering your comments and questions below.


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